Tours are in English. We are based in Mindo, Ecuador.

Our primary goal is to inspire others to learn about the natural world, the eco-system, and its inhabitants of the night. Exploring the forests at night is a completely different experience than in the daytime, as the majority of snakes, spiders, lizards, frogs, mammals, and insects are active at night. The wonders of exploring at night when the forests become "alive" is an experience to be remembered.

20% of the tour price goes directly to purchasing cloud forest habitat solely for the purpose of conservation.

Our tours are designed to have minimal disturbance to the animals and the natural world.

The biodiversity in the Mindo area is very special because it connects the Chocó Rainforest to the Andes to create a mixture of species from both regions.

Tours are all inclusive. We arrange and pay for transportation, pay entrance fees for reserves, and, depending on the tour package you choose, we provide the option of a meal at one of our favourite family run restaurants.

We will provide rubber boots if the location and terrain requires them. We have flashlights available but feel free to bring your own if you are equipped.