This tour is a slow-paced walk through the cloud forest to view nocturnal animals. Chances are very high that we will encounter amphibians, insects, and spiders. It is also possible that we will find reptiles and mammals, such as kinkajous and opossums, but there are no guarantees because this is not a zoo. This is the wild!

Rubber boots or hiking shoes, flashlights, cameras, and rain gear are all recommended to bring with you. We have extra flashlights, ponchos, and rubber boots to lend you.

A taxi will pick you up at your hotel or the central park near the Mindo sign at approximately 7:00pm for the first group or 8:30pm for the second group. The walk is 90 minutes and you will be brought back to your original location about 2 hours after pickup time. See table below for approximate times.
Pickup TimeStart of TourEnd of TourDropoff Time
First Group7:00pm7:15pm8:45pm9:00pm
Second Group8:30pm8:45pm10:15pm10:30pm
The second group at 8:30pm is only available as a public tour if the first group is full. The second group is generally reserved for private tours.

We try for 1 to 8 people per group. Cost is $15 per person. Remember to book early as spots can fill up quickly as this is our most popular tour package. Private groups cost $100 per group for up to 8 people, plus $15 per person for extra people.

Taxi to and from your hotel or central park near the Mindo sign, trail fees, and a guided walk. If your hotel is not in town, the taxi may need a little bit extra.

Please click on the tower on the right to book!